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Recruitment and selection

Shipping, trade and finance


Metals & Minerals

Production, processing, marketing, trading, manufacturing and distribution of metal and mineral products.


Food & Agri

Origination, processing and/or distribution, marketing, sales, trading of agricultural products.

Fuels & Chemicals

Transportation, storage, refining, marketing and distribution of crude oil, refined products, LNG/LPG, chemicals.



Wind, solar, battery but also other fuels like Methanol, Ammonia and Hydrogen Power for example.

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Robert van der Zee (COO) about Frowein Executive Service

"Maarten has built up a very good network. He listens well to understand the exact profile we are looking for. He has made many contact points in our organization to understand our culture and to know the various teams. This has helped to judge the cultural fit of a candidate. He has found us several good people."

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