About us

We believe in combining a global vision with a local search approach. That is why we work with an exclusive network of search partners in the countries and/or regions that are important to you, and therefore to us.

Our team

Maarten Frowein

Headhunter and founder
"My goal is to inspire and connect people in an industry I deeply understand and am passionate about. I enjoy building connections and relationships. I believe in providing fresh perspectives, positive energy, and creative thinking. I aim to offer practical solutions through a personalized and transparent approach. "

Kristina Ilievska

Recruitment consultant
"From sourcing candidates to conducting interviews, I find fulfillment in shaping careers and contributing to the growth of both individuals and organizations. This journey reflects my dedication to making impactful connections, where each interaction is an opportunity to shape careers and elevate businesses."

Glorija Trpkovska

Recruitment consultant
"Connecting with individuals, understanding their aspirations, and shaping their careers is incredibly rewarding. The dynamic nature of the work keeps me engaged, and excited. Knowing that I contribute to the growth and success of both individuals and businesses adds a warm and sincere dimension to every day in this role."

Ivana Nikolovska Ilioska

Recruitment consultant
"I've navigated diverse industries, from Renewables to Financial Services, gaining a wealth of experience that gives me a profound understanding of what makes a candidate the right fit. My proactive approach and out-of-the-box thinking enable me to create dynamic matches that elevate both companies and individuals."

Amarens Sinnige

"As a Marketeer, I assist Frowein Executive Search in expanding their extensive network of companies and candidates. I take great pride in contributing to such a crucial aspect of people's lives—their careers—and helping companies find their ideal match."

How we differentiate

Personal approach

We have worked in the commodities sector ourselves. We know what organizations ánd candidate expect and how to deliver on that.

Trusted advisor

We focus on long-term partnerships. That way we can offer a very personal and creative approach of finding the right candidate.

Long-term relationships

We focus on long-term partnerships. That way we can offer a very personal and creative approach of finding the right candidate.

Our partnerships

Leadership Program Erasmus

"Maarten is a passionate guy, all in for scouting and selecting the best talents in and for the commodity trading business. Maarten has been a great support in setting up the Erasmus Commodity & Trade Centre at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and he has been involved in the Leadership in Commodity Trade & Supply Networks international executive programme from day one. His experience in advising training and recruitment policies at boardroom level in the Benelux, UK, Switzerland and Germany is of enormous value to the learning programmes of the ECTC and to our industry partners. I am  delighted to have Maarten as a trusted advisor to the Erasmus Commodity & Trade Centre."
Dr Wouter Jacobs
Executive & Academic Director

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