Areas of expertise

FES of all trades

We have personally worked across all disciplines in shipping, trade and finance. Therefore, even though there are different areas of expertise, we can see the similarities between these disciplines. With our creative mindset, we always deliver the best tailor-made solution for our beloved customers. That’s why people call us the Jack of all commodity trades.


FES partners with international (family) offices involved in the production, processing, marketing, trading, manufacturing and distribution of metal and mineral products.

"In the coming years and decades, we expect a substantial increase in the need for green energy technologies. This higher demand will naturally encompass the vital materials and minerals necessary for building, transporting, and installing these eco-friendly solutions."

Food & Agri

FES has a broad spectrum of clients in the agricultural supply chain (origination, processing and/or distribution, marketing, sales, trading of agricultural products, Food Ingredients & Flavours).

"In the dynamic world of agribusiness, change is the only constant. With new eating habits, evolving technologies, and ever-changing laws, innovation is key. This presents both opportunities and challenges. How will we feed the world in the future? What techniques will shape the next decade? To navigate this landscape, companies need skilled professionals. That is where we come in."


FES “Fuels and Chemicals” partners with international (family) offices involved in the transportation, storage, refining, marketing and distribution of crude oil, refined products, LNG/LPG, chemicals and renewable fuels.

"We have a strong presence in the energy midstream and downstream sectors. In today's evolving energy industry, decarbonization is a key focus for service providers worldwide. Prominent fuel suppliers are actively pursuing this transformation. They are exploring innovations like renewable diesel, hydrogen fuel cells, and clean technologies such as methanol and ammonia to shape a more sustainable future for transportation."


We specialize in finding the right professionals for roles focused on renewable energy initiatives in Shipping & Trading. From sustainable fuels to clean transport technologies, we have the connections to meet your renewable energy staffing needs.

"Whether you're exploring solar-powered shipping, wind energy trading, or other renewable initiatives, FES is your partner on the journey to sustainable success in Shipping, Trading & Finance.”


FES collaborates with shipping companies across various markets, including tankers, dry bulk, gas, chemicals, and ports.

"Changes in the market and advancements in technology are pushing shipping and logistics companies to rethink how they operate. It's become essential for them to establish clear goals for reducing carbon emissions, investigate alternative fuels, and actively embrace digital transformation."

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