Frowein Executive Search is a boutique firm
in the global commodity industry

Executive search with a no-nonsense approach

Executive Search in the field of commodity trading and transportation & logistics is the expertise of headhunter and recruiter Maarten Frowein. His boutique office offers straightforward, transparent and effective executive search.

Executive search

Executive search, human resources, headhunter, recruiter, call it whatever you like. What it comes down to is that Frowein Executive Search is an expert in finding the people you are looking for. Especially in the field of commodity trading, transportation & logistics and in the banking & financial markets. Headhunter and recruiter Maarten Frowein worked for more than 25 years in the shipping & trading industry. He knows the international world of commodity trading, transportation & logistics, but also the banking & financial markets like the back of his hand. Frowein understands the market dynamics because he follows them on a daily basis. Also, he is in constant contact with professionals who have a thorough understanding of their industries.

Boutique office

In 2015, Maarten Frowein started his own boutique office in executive search and human resources. Having previously worked for several international companies in the field of shipping & trading helped him establish his vast worldwide network of highly skilled professionals that are a potential future fit for the company looking for their next employees. As a headhunter and recruiter, he combines his knowledge and expertise in commodity trading, transportation & logistics and banking & financial markets with his global network and his desire for providing quality.

Headhunter and recruiter

For the executive search process, Frowein believes strongly in a personal approach, mutual trust and concrete solutions. He has a no-nonsense approach and works fast providing quality and showing the utmost resourcefulness. As a headhunter and recruiter, he is a sparring partner at all times. Executive search to him means being a sounding board for the challenging issues his clients struggle with. Whether it concerns companies looking for the best candidate for the job, or candidates who are ready for a new challenging step in their career. These two sides are equally valuable, equally deserving of respect during the process.

Executive search method

For headhunter and recruiter Maarten Frowein, successful executive search means delivering the best solutions in the shortest amount of time. As a dedicated partner, he is satisfied when all partners are inspired by each other. Therefore, he developed an executive search method in four steps:

  1. Profiling: Deep understanding of the requested profile and of the client’s needs, wishes and company culture;
  2. Mining: Browsing and mining the talent pool and his extensive international database and network;
  3. Matching: Placing the right candidates on a shortlist featuring no more than three candidates;
  4. Selection: Interviews, negotiations, procedures and employment.


Frowein Executive Search works for a wide range of companies in the supply chain from commodity production, transportation and warehousing to financing and investment. As a headhunter and recruiter, it is Maarten Frowein’s belief that you can only succeed if you keep the proces simple and transparent, and if you deliver what you promise. This mode of operation makes Frowein Executive Search a desirable, reliable and successful partner to work with.

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Commodity Trading

Agriculture & Nutrition, Metals & Minerals and Energy
Frowein Executive Search is a boutique Search Firm in international commodities trading. Within our core verticals of energy, agriculture and metals, we offer search services to a broad spectrum of physical and financial trading clients across multiple geographies

Banking & Financial Markets

Frowein Executive Search works with leading banks supporting their activities in the provision of trade financing, structured finance and physical solutions to commodity producers, consumers, trading houses, family owned business and investors.

We also partner a range of other financial institutions including wealth funds, private equity houses, hedge funds and insurers.

Transportation & Logistics

Frowein Executive Search works alongside a wide range of transportation and logistics companies including port and terminal operators, tanker, dry bulk and container ship owners and operators, warehousing companies and third party logistics providers.


Frowein Executive Search works with organisations that generate sustainable energy and participate in an energy transition. We help organisations develop and implement leading practices across projects and shift to affordable and reliable renewable energy.