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Here at Frowein Recruitment Agency, our specialization in the Shipping and Trading industry is deeply rooted in years of firsthand experience. Our founder's journey began in Freight Trading at BHP Billiton, followed by valuable roles in soft commodities at Van Rees, Structured Commodity Trade Finance at ING Bank, and Storage expertise at Vitol (VTTI). With a comprehensive background spanning Trading, Finance, and Logistics, our dedication to the dynamic world of Commodities is at the core of our agency.

At Frowein Executive Search, we specialize in recruiting a wide range of positions
within the Shipping and Trading industry. Our expertise covers a wide range of
positions, including:

  • Commercial roles like: Trading, Export Managers, Sales, Business Development, COO/CEO positions;
  • Operational roles like: Freight, Logistics, Execution, Chartering, and Operations;
  • Analytical roles like: Technical and Fundamental expertise;
  • Financial roles like: Structured Commodity Finance, Trade Finance, Collateral Management, M&A positions, and Treasury experts.

At Frowein Executive Search, we take pride in our unique selling points and strengths. We are not your typical recruitment agency; we’re a boutique shop with a personalized, quality-driven approach. Our commitment is long-term, ensuring lasting partnerships. With our
extensive network and in-depth understanding of your needs, we dare to think creatively and challenge the status quo. We value word-of-mouth recommendations, which is why we always go the extra mile in this tight network of professionals, where client satisfaction is
crucial. In a nutshell, we will find the perfect candidate for your needs.

Anywhere on the website you can click the orange “get in touch” button. You navigated to a form where you can leave your details and upload a resume and letter. 

Typically, we aim to fill job vacancies within a timeframe of 3 to 6 weeks, providing you with the right candidate efficiently and effectively.
When it comes to our fees and payment structure for recruitment services, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. We're dedicated to creating a tailored approach that works for you, so please don't hesitate to reach out for personalized solutions.
In the search for identifying the ideal candidate, we employ a comprehensive approach. Leveraging our extensive network, candidate database, and referrals from our closely connected professionals, we aim to find the best candidate available. Should the situation necessitate, we can also advertise to broaden our search. As a vital part of our process, we conduct reference checks within our network to provide our clients with a complete perspective on the proposed candidate's suitability.
Discover our client success stories and testimonials, where both clients and candidates highly value our personal approach, long-term relations, and hands-on approach. You can find these testimonials right here on our website.

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