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Recruitment and selection

Looking for a candidate? We have a proven track record of matching exceptional professionals in shipping, trade and finance. Want to know how we can help you?

Broad knowledge

We have worked in the commodities sector ourselves. We know what organizations ánd candidates expect and how to deliver on that.

The best candidates

We have a huge network with candidates of the highest quality and we know how to approach them as we speak the same tone of voice.

Trusted advisor

We focus on long-term partnerships. That way we can offer a very personal and creative approach of finding the right candidate.

This is how we find the right candidate for you

Understanding your needs

During the intake, we discover your company’s needs, create a plan of action, develop a job profile and present you an offer.


We search candidates via direct search, leveraging our network and utilizing our database. Also, vacancy posts are an option. 

List of

We offer you a long list with candidates. Together we discuss which candidates will be invited for the interviews

Screening & interviews

We interview the candidates of the short list and do a reference check. If needed assessments may be included. 

Hooray, it's a match!

Now that we have found the right fit for your company it is time to negotiate the final contract.

How we deliver the best candidates

We know where to search

We have personally worked in the commodities sector. We speak the same language as the candidates you’re seeking, and we know where to find them.

We have a broad network

For the past 30 years, we have organically built a broad network of both reputable companies and candidates within the shipping and trading industries.

Groep medewerkers kijken naar beneden en representeren het grote commodity netwerk van Frowein Executive Search

We maintain a vast database

Throughout the years, we have built an extensive database of candidates within the renewable, agri, metals, energy, and shipping industries.

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Femke Brenninkmeijer (CEO) about Frowein Executive Service

“Maarten’s approach, the ‘hands-on’ mentality and his broad network within the Energy, commodities and Logistics branche results in good matches without lengthy procedures.”

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